【3 items You Want to Buy】When you start living in Japanese Flat | Apartment

Life in Japan

Are you excited to start your new life in Japan?

Most of time, you find a little flat apartment in Japan “Unfurnished”. Nowadays it becomes easier to find the share furnished accommodation with other mates; however, this article should be very practical for you, if you are seeking an opportunity to find more independent way of living style in the new world, Japan.


Bathtub Cover & Chair – Reheating bath

Buy bathtub cover and chair, if your bathtub has reheating system. This is environmentally friendly system and very wise.

In Japan, we share hot water in the bathtub within family members. Or, you can use the same filled water in the tub next day by reheating it. By this, you can save water a lot.

How is this possible, as you think that it is not clean to share water? It is the same idea at Onsen, Hot Springs. You wash your body first outside the bathtub and then enjoy bathing. You never wash your body in common bathtub at Onsen.

Bathtub cover keeps water as warm as possible and avoid any soap or dust entering onto water. Without it, heat cannot stay long.

Also, having the bath chair is a good idea as well. Most of Japanese family bathroom has this low round chair in the bathroom to wash your body. Japanese bathroom is not built for you who would like to wash your body while standing. You might not be able to hang your shower at the right place to give you enough space to wash your body. And, as mentioned, you are supposed to keep your water clean on the bathtub. You don’t want to splash your soap into it while washing in standing next to the bathtub. That’s why Japanese neatly sit on the low chair and wash the body.

Especially, winter in Japan should be colder than you expected due to the landscape of Japan. Many of the areas are in basin; summer is hot and winter is cold. Taking hot bath everyday can be your new habit when you start living in Japan…rather than Okinawa. All other areas in Japan have cold winter period. Your favorite Niseko, Hakuba and even world famous Kyoto have extremely chilly winter time. Taking hot and nice long bath is one of the best ways you want to try to manage this cold winter in Japan.

Laundry Pole & Round Hangers

Laundry poles don’t come along at your balcony. You need to buy them at stores. A rope can replace the job, but buying one or two poles can be a good idea.

Firstly, they are not too expensive. You can buy approx 1000 – 1500 yen and it should last on your entire stay for a couple of years. This little extra expense is not bad at all when you do the laundry probably more often than while you are in your country, since Japanese washing machine is smaller and also the size of the balcony or your room is way smaller. You might not want to do laundry only once a week as you find no place to hang all your washings in this little area. In that case, you may want to consider having the round hangers for your small washings as well. You have to be very efficient in using your limited area. Japan is a small country to live in. Laundry is no exception.

Bike with basket – mama chari

Don’t go to closest convenience stores everyday even though it’s easy for you to drop by and spend extra money! You will find nice supermarkets within 1-2 km away in general. It may be a little inconvenient for you to walk up there. Buying a bike is one of the options you want to consider in the long run.

In Japan, you always find an inexpensive bike with a good size shopping basket attached at front. It is called “mama chari = mummy bike” because Japanese middle aged mothers tend to ride this style of bikes!! It may look ugly, you think … but you will love it when you start riding it on your daily life. The basket can hold your heavy backpack, grocery and rolls of toilet papers! How convenient it is!!

You have a ring on your right handle to warn other bikers or pedestrians. And, the dual-leg stand is the one you want to choose, rather than one-leg stand when you are buying a bike. It keeps the bike stable in parking and avoids losing balance when you place your heavy shopping bag into your bike basket. Normally, it is only 1000 yen difference and this little difference makes your life easier.